Haiti Medical Missions March 2017

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      img_7786Location: Cap Haitien, Haiti
      Fundraising Target: $20,000
      Term: March 25 – April 1, 2017
      Team Size: 8-10

      Mission Overview

      Lead by Don and Becky Munnings and partnering with Empower Global, this team is pioneering a mobile medical clinic in the surrounding region of Cap Hatien in Northern Haiti. This team will support the new community medical clinic on the Empower Global site as well as reach out to neighbouring communities with practical primary health care as a means to open the door to the Good News of Jesus Christ. With the aim to engage local Christian leadership as well as students at EBS Seminary, this team will be distributing Bibles in Creole as well as showing the Jesus film in Creole for those receiving medical care.

      Medical Supplies Needed
      You can partner financially in a very practical way with this team by supporting the cost of medical and dental supplies as well as medication for the local clinic.  If you wish to support one of the team members below, simply type their name in the designation field by clicking the online donation link.

      The Team
      Don & Becky Munnings
      Jan Gustafsson
      Dorcas Adeoye
      Adebowale Adeoye
      Leevin Mah
      Steve Hambly
      Nicole McLaughlin
      Anita Terry
      Natalie Vandenberg