Our Harvest Kids Accessibility program exists to come alongside parents to help remove any barriers for children in our programs to make the gospel of Jesus accessible to them. We offer a one-on-one buddy program during our 9am service to help include all of our children in our Harvest Kids classrooms.

To enroll your child in this part of Harvest Kids please fill out the form below so we can best care for your child and we’ll be in touch with you! Once we have received your registration form, someone from our Harvest Kids team will contact you to follow up.

Accessibility Profile

All information below must be completed in order to process your application.
  • Emergency Contact

  • Accessibility Information

  • Describe your child's specific behavior pattern for the following situations. Please suggest methods that your child's 1:1 caregiver can use to help your child adapt in the classroom.

Confirmation, consent, and release:

1. I am the parent and/or have legal custody over the child listed above, and have the right to sign them up for Harvest Kids, including under any custody arrangements affecting the child. I agree that conditions of custody, if applicable, shall be fully communicated in writing to Harvest Oakville including, if requested by Harvest Oakville, a photocopy of the section of any court order providing me visitation or other applicable rights.

2. I have completed the form above accurately and in particular have included all relevant medical information.

3. I understand that my child may not be permitted to attend Harvest Kids if they are ill and in the reasonable opinion of Harvest Oakville their participation would expose other children to an unacceptable risk of illness.

4. I understand care is taken for safety and good health of my child and they will be supervised. I acknowledge, however, participation in physical activities that may occur at Harvest Kids carry with them inherent risk. I agree that if my child is injured, provided every reasonable effort is made first to contact me and the other emergency contact(s) listed above, medical staff selected by Harvest Oakville and attending my child, exercising due care, are permitted to provide proper medical treatment including medication and surgery for my child as deemed necessary.

5. In the unlikely event my child is injured while participating in activities while at Harvest Kids or enroute to such activities my child and I relinquish all rights to recover damages for any and all injuries sustained by my child during or en route to activities. In consideration of Harvest Oakville granting my child permission to participate in Harvest Kids, I hereby release Harvest Oakville, its elders, staff, employees, and volunteers from liability for injuries cause by negligence on their part.

6. I consent to images of my child taken at Harvest Kids being used by Harvest for future promotional and educational purposes both at Harvest and elsewhere. I have read and understand this confirmation, consent and release, and I confirm and agree as set out above.