Lebanon Kids Camp for Refugees – July 2018

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      Date: July 7-21, 2018
      Funding Needed: $5000 per person

      This team will serve alongside Le Grain de Ble as they host three kids camps reaching out to Syrian refugee children. The camp location is outside of Beirut among the “Cedars of Lebanon” and for many years has been a haven of Christ’s love for children who have experienced the crisis of war.

      Harvest Bible Chapel has been a financial supporter of this ministry for a number of years and is excited to partner further in the sending of our first team to serve in the region.

      Team members on this trip will stay close to the camp and serve in a number of supporting roles while paired up with an Arabic speaker to minister to children in a day camp format. Each three-day camp will host sixty Syrian children who will be given three meals, as well as engage in all that fun camp stuff: games, crafts, and worship. In large and small groups, they will learn about the story of Joseph in Genesis—a boy who was betrayed by his brothers, yet did not seek revenge. Although expelled to a foreign land, Joseph’s trust and obedience in God never wavered.

      Although the Syrian conflict has brought great trial and suffering to these families, they are now in a place where they can hear the truth of the gospel for the first time! God’s providence has blessed us with such a tremendous opportunity to share the love, light, and hope of Jesus Christ.

      Kevin and Leslie Ridge
      Jordyn Ridge
      Noah Ridge
      Hannah Campbell
      Brad Blackborow
      Cindy Merritt
      Andrew Cheng
      Arash Ahmadian
      Jim Poopalapillai