Severe Drought in Kenya

Dear Friends,

Receive warm greetings from Mully Children’s Family (MCF) fraternity. We wish to acknowledge your accompaniment and continued support as we serve and transform the lives of vulnerable children and communities. The successes and impact of our work has been attributed to your faithful commitment to our goal and mission. Since 2009 when we last experienced devastating drought and famine, MCF directly suffered the negative effects of climate change including severe reduction of water levels in the river which was the main source of water for MCF Ndalani programs. Since then, we have  experienced sustained progress in our development and transformation agenda of vulnerable children alongside our sustainability initiatives.

I wish to report to you that in 2017, Kenya and the entire Eastern Africa Region is experiencing the worst drought and famine in over 65 years. Kenya’s President declared drought and famine a National Disaster in February 2017. With drying rivers, dry water pans, dry water boreholes, and lack of pasture, the situation is becoming worse by each new day with large numbers of both domestic and wild animals dying as well as reports of people dying because of hunger incidents.

The counties MCF projects are located in have been listed by the government of Kenya among the most affected by drought and famine in 2017 which are Machakos, Turkana, and Kilifi. Of critical importance is that MCF for first time is experiencing the most devastating impact of the drought and famine since 2009. This is because the River Thika traversing MCF Ndalani farm completely dried up by mid February 2017 leading to the halting of all irrigation farming activities.

Crop failure is eminent in MCF. Large tracks of farmland were already planted with crops hence we shall experience shortage of food supply and losses of revenue from initially anticipated sales of farm produce. We have to continue feeding over 3000 children targeted by MCF on a daily basis so we need your prayers as we are not certain when this situation shall get better. The MCF Water Tanker is currently supplying clean water from the MCF Yatta Branch Boreholes to MCF Ndalani project for the children and staff.

The neighbourhood communities who have also depended on us for clean water supply and even occasional relief food supplies are in agony. The level of suffering and desperation is on the rise among vulnerable households in MCF neighbourhood projects especially in Turkana, Yatta, and Kilifi as a result of the ravaging drought and famine. There is need for food relief supplies alongside water supply to save lives of the most vulnerable households. I also wish to report to you that in an effort to improve environmental conservation and management along the river banks traversing MCF Ndalani Farm during this dry spell, we are currently enhancing river embankment by constructing a water-proof concrete wall to control erosion and destruction of fauna and flora along the river bank adjacent to MCF water pumping machines and Guest Houses. We have also hired women from the community to mine sand from the dry river bed and banks. This emergency activity is providing the women with a source of income.

It is my humble appeal that you shall pray with us during this challenging season and extend any possible support to enhance our capacity to sustain the daily provisions to children, facilitate emergency intervention with relief food supplies and water to vulnerable families in the neighbourhood communities as well as completion of construction of water-proof perimeter wall along the river bank.

Yours Sincerely,


Saving Children’s Lives